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The WCU-4 for Alexa Mini is a wireless follow focus system which allows for all three motors to be powered and controlled through the Alexa Mini body without the need for a brain. This makes the kit an ideal addition to those wishing to keep their Alexa Mini rigs lightweight and an essential for those working on steadicam and gimbals. 

Although optimised for Alexa Mini, the kit also includes-  an AMC-1 brain allowing for the system to be used on any camera set up. 


What's included

-1 x WCU-4 Hand Unit 

- 2 x C Force Mini Motors 

- 1 x C Force Plus Motor 

- 3 x 19mm Bar Brackets

- 3 x 19-15mm Bushes

- 1 x LCUBE w/ Bracket 

- 1 x AMC-1 w/ Ariel 

- 1 x R-A Mounting Bracket 

- 1 x Charger w/ IEC

- 3 x Batteries 

- 3 x Short LBUS Motor Control Cables 

- 2 x Medium LBUS Motor Control Cables

- 2 x Long LBUS Motor Control Cables

- 1 x D-TAP Powering Cable 

- 1 x Lanc RS Cable 

- 1 x Arri RS Cable 

- 1 x  Alexa Mini Cam Cable 

- 1 x Red RS Cable 

- 1 x D Tap to LBUS 


ARRI WCU-4 CForce Kit

A lightweight powerful FIZ system integrated with the Alexa Mini
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