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COVID-19 UPDATE: Our offices are open. For more info and our safety measures click here

S+O Media: Covid-19 Policy

We remain open with enhanced safety measures in place.

REMOTE WORKING – S+O staff whose role allows it, will continue to work from home until the relevant government advice alters.

SOCIAL DISTANCING – S+O staff who cannot work remotely will gradually return to work as workload demands. Physical separation of at least 2m will be maintained during all work activities and workspaces have been redesigned to allow for this to happen.

HEALTH MONITORING – Strict measures will be actioned to ensure that no staff exhibiting viral symptoms are allowed in the work environment. This may involve health declarations and temperature check testing being carried out, as determined to be appropriate.

HYGIENE – Enhanced hygiene procedures will be practised across all departments. Hand washing facilities with soap and water or alternatively antiseptic hand-gel dispensers are available throughout the facility and to all members of staff. Additionally, thorough cleaning procedures will be in place across all departments.

Should you require further information regarding our enhanced safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0207 524 7777 or


S+O Media Covid 19 Risk Assessment


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