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Privacy Policy


We are a broadcast crewing and dry hire facilities company specialising in expert crew and televisual equipment for the broadcast industry. We combine a passion for technology with extensive knowledge and experience of all aspects of the industry. We have been operating for fifteen years, and in that time have evolved with the technology and have developed strong working relationships with other suppliers and manufacturers. This industry insight allows us to understand the present and future direction of broadcast equipment and its impact on the production techniques of our clients.

At S+O we take the privacy of the information you supply us with very seriously. We hope in producing this policy it will aid in the transparency of how we collect and process your information, as well as how we keep it secure.


When you contact us regarding a hire for the first time you fill out a ‘New Client’ account applications ( The following information is used to verify your company and establish your account on our system:

Registered Company Name Registered Company Address Bank Account Details Email Address for Invoicing as well as booking point of contact Telephone Number Trade References Insurance Documents (covering dry and wet hires) Callsheets (in the case of shoots with crew booked through S+O)

This information will be stored on our internal servers with no external access, our server is hosted by Gregory Weir Media. Bank details are used for payments and invoicing only and stored by our bank, no physical copies are kept by S+O. In the case of call sheets these are used for shoot-organisation and crew information only and kept on our internal servers.


Only company directors and members of our accounts team will have access to bank account details and these will be used for payment purposes only. The bookings team handle all account opening information and use your information to verify your account and arrange your wet and dry hires, no information is shared externally without your permission.


Any invoices received by S+O are kept in printed physical form in locked cabinets for use by our accounts team and company directors. The only digital copy of your bank accounts details are with HSBC, our banking provider. Your information will be kept for the duration of your engagement with us and for 6 years from the end of your last financial year of engagement with us as per our accounts procedure. After this time your information will be completely removed from all systems and physical copies destroyed. Personal information including name, address and contact details are saved on our internal servers and on our financial systems SAGE. We retain this information for as long as you are engaged in business with us and for an indefinite period after. If, at any point after your engagement has ended, you wish to have your information removed from all our systems and physical copies destroyed you are within your rights to do so.


Under new EU regulations you have the right to be be informed how we are using your data, where it is stored and who has access to it; you also have the right to access that information at any time. You have the right to amend and rectify any incorrect or inaccurate information that is stored by ourselves. You have the ‘right to be forgotten’ which means, under certain circumstances (e.g. termination of engagement) you have the right to request your information to be removed completely from our system. One of the new rights you have under the GDPR is detailed below under the ‘Tranfers’ heading.


Under GDPR you are entitled to data portability which allows you to obtain and reuse your personal data for your own purposes across different services under certain circumstances You have the right to move, copy or transfer your personal data from one place to another. Your personal data is stored in structured, commonly-used and machine-readable formals so it can be utilised and shared.


If any changes or updates to this policy are made, full copies of the updated policy will be sent to all employees. A copy of this policy will also be available on S+O internal servers for access at any time from permitted devices.


If you have any questions or concerns raised from this policy please contact Steph or Olly by email ( or or at the office on 0207 524 7777.