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What's included

1x ARRI Hi-5 Hand Unit

1x ARRI Emip Radio Module

1x Large Antenna

1x CFORCE RF Motor (Brain)

1x CFORCE Mini Motor

1x CFORCE Plus Monitor

3x 19mm Motor Mounts

3x 19-15mm Motor Bushes

1x ARRI Hi-5 Monitor Bracket

3x ARRI LBP-3500 Battery Pack

1x ARRI LBP-3500 Battery Charger

1x ARRI Hi-5 Hand Strap

1x ARRI Hi-5 Neck Strap

2x LBUS Cables Short

2x LBUS Cables Medium

2x LBUS Cables Long

1x DTAP - LBUS Cable

1x DTAP - CAM Cable (7 pin)

1x CAM-LBUS Cable (7 pin)

1x RS - CAM Cable

1x ARRI Cinetape Cable

1x EXT - CAM CAble (7 pin)

1x CAM (f) - CAM (m)

1x RED Cntrl - CAM (7 pin)

1x CAM - Sony Remote (Venice)

5x Smart Blank Marking Rings

5x Pre-Marked Smart Rings

1x Fig 8 Cable

ARRI Hi-5 Wireless Lens Control System

State of the art WLCS
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