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The Master Prime lenses realize the cinematographer's dream: to have lenses that are both fast and have an optical performance surpassing all standard-speed primes. They offer a very clean, slightly cooler image, with subtle, flattering skintones and beautiful imagery. 

The set offers speed with optical performance, producing an amazing image with very little breathing or aberrations. They have a consistent 1.3 stop through the entire range, matched front elements at 114mm, and fixed positions for focus and iris gearing. The lenses feature the new Zeiss anti-reflex coating that reduces veiling glare and other reflections. The Master Prime Lenses open up new creative opportunities, making shots possible that would have been considered impossible before. They are truly a joy to work with, and its a lens set our DoPs love to shoot with.

And if our word isn't enough, Master Primes are regularly used to shoot Oscar-nominated, Hollywood feature-films: Sicario (2015), The Revenant (2015), Birdman (2014), Spectre (2015), Steve Jobs (2015), and many more.  

What's included

18mm T1.3 Master Prime
25mm T1.3 Master Prime
35mm T1.3 Master Prime
50mm T1.3 Master Prime
75mm T1.3 Master Prime

Available Separately:

40mm T1.3 Master Prime

Spec name
Spec description

Sensor Coverage

Super 35


PL mount

ARRI Zeiss Master Prime 5 Lens Set

Fast S35 lens set including 18, 25, 35, 50, 75mm T1.3
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