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The Tilta Nucleus M is a compact wireless lens control system ideal for small rigs and gimbal work. The motors feature an onboard battery and wirelss communication to the hand unit reducing the amount of space required to rig the system. The kit also features two wireless handles for controlling lenses whilst shooting handheld. 



What's included

- Wireless Hand Unit 

- Marking Discs 

- Strap 

- LHS Wireless Handle 

- RHS Wireless Handle 

- Right Handle Joystick 

- 2 x Wireless Motors 

- 2 x 15-19mm Adapter Bushes 

- D Tap Powering Cable 

- 2 x Motor Cables

- 6 x Batteries 

- Battery Charger 


Tilta Nucleus-M Dual Axis WLCS

Compact dual axis wireless lens control system
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