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These lenses offer a whole new world of options in the PL lens market at a T1.5 and weighing in at a cool 1050g each they offer a lot in a small package. 

 The Celere HS Lenses are weight and size matched across the whole range to avoid any rebalancing for Steadicam and Gimbal work. On top of this they offer a consistent T1.5 stop and all the features you'd expect from a cine lens. On top of this they offer a beautiful look and something a little bit different from the norm. As lenses they don't shy away from imperfections and flares.

The later additon of the 18.5mm from Hanse Inno Tech is slightly larger and heavier than the the rest of the set to maintain such a quick 1.5 T stop within a wide lens. This makes it one of the fastest wide primes available. 

What's included

1 x 18.5mm Celere HS

1x 25mm Celere HS

1x 36mm Celere HS

1x 50mm Celere HS

1x 85mm Celere HS

The Celere HS Lenses are able to come coated or uncoated (please advise upon booking which you would like).

Spec name
Spec description

Sensor Coverage

Super 35


PL mount

Celere HS Prime 5 Lens Set

The beautiful new lenses from Hanse Inno Tech with a T1.5 stop.
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