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Canon's most recent PL zoom offers an unmatched focal range (17mm to 120mm) for its size and weight. The lens comes with a detachable servo-handgrip for ergonomic documentary and handheld uses. Focus marks are engraved on the curved barrel of the lens so operators can see the marks whilst still using the camera's viewfinder. It is also 4K compatible and comes with a lens data system. 

T stop has variable settings: 17-91mm at T2.9 and T3.9 between 92-120mm.

What's included

1 x Canon 17-120mm PL zoom
1 x Canon servo handgrip
1 x Canon lens hood
1 x D-Tap cable

Spec name
Spec description

Sensor Coverage

Super 35


PL mount

Canon CN7 17-120mm PL Lens

Compact, lightweight PL zoom w/ servo attachment for easy operation.
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