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The Tango Roller is neither a slider or a glider, but it has the same functions. It runs on special wheels, and has a smoother travel-performance than a slider, using ball bearings.

The two main disadvantages of most slider/glider systems are the noise and more importantly the rough and noticeable movement.

The Roller with wheels  Feel for yourself.

The Tango roller is designed for camera weights up to 15kg / 33lbs. Therefore the base kit weighs as little as 8kg / 17.6lbs and includes a 1.20m length of track and a Tripod adapter allowing the 1,20m track to be mounted on one Tripod, the Tango roller and the end stops. The Kit also contains the 1m extension set to allow up to 2.2m of  travel.

The Tango Roller is able to take 100mm or 150mm tripod heads (please advise upon booking which you would like).

The Tango roller can also be operated upside down in an under slung mode.

The whole kit arrives in one peli case for easy transport.

Tripod available seperately.


What's included
  • 1.2m Rail
  • 1m Rail
  • Prosup Tango Roller Sled
  • Male tiedown
  • Female tiedown
  • 2 x Monopods
  • Spigot attachments
  • 2 x End Stops
  • 3 x Feet


Prosup Tango Roller 2.2m

Mid-weight slider system for use with most camera systems.
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