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Freefly's MoVI Pro offers advanced 3-axis camera stabilisation for smooth, fluid shots whatever the situation. 

The gimbal comes framed in a robust, lightweight ring with attached feet so it can be set down anywhere. The rig holds two batteries which can be hot-swapped, and are capable of powering accessories in addition to the rig itself. The MoVI has inbuilt D-Tap outputs and powering cables for the Canon C300 MkII, Sony FS7, ARRI Amira, ARRI ALEXA Mini, and RED; bypassing the need for heavy V-lock batteries. The new TSU (Tilt Stage Unit) is on the sledge (camera) side of the gimbal, and features an 11-14v 6A D-Tap camera power port, 12v lemo for accessories, USB-C, Timecode in/out and CAN port. The kit comes with three quick release plates with threaded holes to easily mount any accessories such as a Small HD 502 or Teradek. The rear LED screen shows battery status and gimbal control. 

The MIMIC Beta controller, mounted on a carbon fibre handle, allows a separate operator to precisely control the  pan, tilt and roll functions of the MoVI head from 1000ft range as it mirrors the movements of the controller. This impressive feature is fully customizable and allows complex shots to be achieved with ease. 

We recommend 

Pairing the MoVI Pro with a lightweight Small HD 502 as an operator's monitor, and a Teradek 300 to transmit the picture to a client/director monitor. Both of these accessories can be easily mounted on the MoVI Pro. 

What's included

1 x Freefly MoVI Pro Kit 

1 x Freefly MoVI Pro Classic Handle

6 x Freefly MoVI Pro Battery w/ Freefly Charger 

1 x Freefly Quick Release Plug 13mm

1 x Freefly MoVI Dock

1 Freefly USB Type C to Micro B Cable 

1 x Freefly Pop-N-Lock Quick Release in 15mm, 25mm & 30mm

3 x BeSteady eXtraThin 80cm HDMI - HDMI cable

3 x BeSteady eXtraThin 80cm HDMI - Micro HDMI cable 

3 x 80cm BNC cable 

1 x 45cm D-Tap - 6-pin Lemo Right-Angle Cable (for RED)

1 x 45cm D-Tap - 6-pin Lemo Cable (for RED)

1 x 30cm D-Tap - 8-pin Lemo (for ARRI Amira & ARRI ALEXA Mini)

1 x 30cm D-Tap - 2-pin Lemo (for Canon C300 MkII)

1 x 45cm D-Tap - DC Cable (for Sony FS7)

4 x Freefly MoVI Pro / XLCamera Mounting Screws 

Freefly MoVI Pro

Advanced 3-axis gimbal stabilisation for payloads up to 15lbs.
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