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The Black Magic Micro Cinema camera is ideal for shooting tight spaces and offers internal ProRes or RAW HD recording. It features a micro 4/3 mount for an array of lenses which help achieve an impressive depth of field and offers great versatility for a camera of its size.

Compact and lightweight, the Black Magic is perfect for in-car set-ups. The camera body weighs 300g, and fully-built with Olympus 9-18mm, battery and mounting cage weighs only 722g. This makes it an ideal camera for rigging in tight spots with minimal grip equipment. 

Please note that the camera does not feature a screen due to its minimal size, and requires a HDMI-compatible monitor (e.g. a Small HD 502) for viewing live images and adjusting settings. This can be hired separately. 


What's included

- Black Magic Micro Cinema Camera 

- SmallRig camera cage 

- 3 x LP-E6 Batteries 

- LP-E6 Battery Charger 

- Expansion Cable 

- Mains PSU 

- 2 x 128GB SD Cards 

- USB 3.0 Card Reader 

Black Magic Micro Cinema Camera

A tiny Super 16mm HD camera capable of capturing filmic footage.
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