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Tristam Cones


DoP / Lighting Camera


Having worked in the film and television industry for over 18 years, Tristam is now an established DoP and lighting cameraman. 

As a DoP Tristam keeps busy working on commercials, documentaries, music videos, corporates, TV and viral films for the internet. With a broad knowledge of camera systems, formats, production and post production, he is able to work closely with directors and producers to ensure their shoots run smoothly.

He is a loyal and trusted crew member and always works like a trojan. 

Recent Projects

Tom Walker feat Kojey Radical 'Sun Goes Down' - Relentless Records

Maplin TVC - Tomboy 

"Open Hand" Kojey Radical - Tomboy 

Adidas - Taking it to the Edge 

Jamie & Jimmy's Friday Night Feast 3 - Fresh One