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The innovative Teradek SERV Pro is a useful on-set tool, allowing up to 10 users to access the camera's output on iPhones or iPads. The devices connect either to the SERV's own generated WiFi signal (up to a range of 300ft) or other available WiFi, and monitor the camera feed using the free Vuer app. 

The Vuer app displays in HD up to 60FPS with as little as two-frames delay, allowing clients and crew to monitor the image remotely. Vuer gives access to an impressive range of tools: histograms, waveforms, vectorscopes, focus peaking, focus assist, false colour and 3D LUTs, and allows you to frame-grab shots for later reference. The SERV Pro has 1/4" threaded holes so it can be mounted horizontally or vertically onto the camera or video village monitor. 

The Teradek SERV Pro can be used in conjunction with the Teradek Link router as an additional extra. The Teradek Link provides WiFi, increases the range from 300ft to 1000ft, and allows more than 1 video feed into the Vuer app, so up to 4 feeds can be viewed at one time.

What's included

1 x Teradek SERV Pro 

2 x Aerials 

2 x D-Tap - Lemo Cables 

3 x BNC Cables 

1 x Mains PSU

1 x 1/4" Threaded Stand Mount

1 x 1/4" Threaded Hotshoe Mount

1 x Ethernet Cable 

1 x Noga Arm 

1 x Nano Clamp 

Teradek SERV Pro

Teradek SERV Pro allows up to ten iOs devices to monitor camera output.
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