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The SUMO100 is a professional LED film and photography production light that combines high light output with outstanding light quality. This is an extremely rugged, lightweight fixture designed to withstand the rigors of daily use on set. The durable aluminum construction, intensity and high quality color rendering literally lighten your workload.The SUMO100 can function independently, as a Master controller for additional Sumolights via integrated DMX/RDM, or as a slave using a DMX console or another Sumolight. The intensity and, for bi-color models, the color temperature, can be controlled.The SUMO100 combines low power consumption with the versatility of variable power input. The light works with the provided power supply or any suitable battery with a voltage range of 12-48 VDC, such as V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries.

What's included

Sumo 100 Basic Kit

Honeycomb 60


IEC Cable

Carry strap

Header Cable

Softbox Kit

Soft Grid, 40 Degree Eggcrate

1/2 Lantern, Half Diff w/Skirt

V-Mount Battery Adapter

Baby Pin Adapter

Junior Pin Adapter

Ultralight Flight Case

Octagon Beauty Bank

Yoke Handle


Battery Kit available on request

Sumo Light 100

This is a punchy soft light that can be manipulated by its various lighting accessories to give ultimate versatility on set. The Sumolight can be powered via V-Lock battery or through mains - must go out with a C-stand, but batteries are optional.
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