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In terms of portability, the Sony PXW-FS5 really does excel, with its small, compact frame weighing in at only 0.8KG. The lightweight nature of the PXW-FS5 means it can shoot in any situation, whether that’s tricky, tight and hard to reach places or wide-open plains. This model gives you ultimate mobility. Sony’s FS5 should sit comfortably against your chest supported by your right hand, with all the controls at your fingertips. The chassis is superbly balanced making it easy to shoot from high to low angles. 

All the key functions have been placed at your fingertips, from the electronic zoom lever through to assignable dials. It’s evident from the considered ergonomic design that some serious planning has gone into the architecture of the Sony PXW FS5. The smart grip is located as close to the centre of gravity as possible to avoid camera roll and the smart grip angle can conveniently be adjusted with one press and turn. Shooting parameters can be changed quickly without having to take your eyes off the screen thanks to direct menu options displayed on-screen.

The FS5 has the option to add or remove components like the grip and LCD viewfinder quickly, without the aid of special tools. The LCD viewfinder can conveniently be mounted in no less than 9 locations. The Sony FS5 has standard 1/4-inch screw holes located on the handle, top and bottom of the body, to support mounting a drone, gimbal or an underwater camera. For a tripod mount, there’s both 1/4 and 3/8-inch screw holes on the bottom.

What's included

- Sony FS5 Body 

- 3x Sony BPU Batteries

- 1x Battery Charger

- 1x Camrade Raincover

- Top Mic

- Headphones

- Metabones E-EF Adapter

- 2x 64GB SD Cards

- 1x SD Card Reader

Sony PXW- FS5

A small lightweight S35 4k camera with impressive features.
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