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Visually the GoPro HERO6 Black looks the same as the Hero5, but internally offers upgraded options in frame rates, resolution and dynamic range. It offers 4K resolution at 60FPS rather than 30FPS, and can shoot 240FPS at HD resolution rather than 720p. It has advanced video stabilisation and HDR photo capture with the new GP1 processor, allowing for better dynamic range and low-light performance. Like the HERO5, it still has in-built waterproofing up to 10m depth, and is compatible with the same body-frame accessories with USB-C charging.
What's included

1x GoPro HERO6 Black 

1x GoPro HERO6 Frame

1x Tripod Mount

1x J-Clip w/screw

1x Flat Mount w/screw

1x Pivot Arm w/screws

1x Flat Sticky

1x Curved Sticky

1 x Noga arm w/ Nano clamp 

1 x GoPro Suction Mount 

4x GoPro HERO6 Batts

1x Dual GoPro HERO6 Battery Charger

2 x USB-C Cable

1x USB Plug

2x Sandisk 64GB Micro SD Cards

1x Micro SD Card Adapter

1x Card Reader & USB Cable

Optional Extras:

GoPro Wrist Mount, GoPro Chest Mount, GoPro Head Mount, GoPro Kodo Jaw Clamp, Handlebar Mount, Selfie Stick 

GoPro HERO6 Black

A slick upgrade to the GoPro HERO5, offering higher frame rates and improved image quality.
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