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The new GoPro HERO5 Black is the most powerful and easy-to-use GoPro. It boasts 4K video, voice control "GoPro, record video", one-button simplicity, and a 2-inch touchscreen display. The new rubberised design makes the 5 the first completely waterproof* GoPro, without needing a separate waterproof housing. Features include in-built IS for smooth video, crystal-clear stereo audio and GPS. 

* to a depth of 33ft

What's included

1x Go Pro Hero 5

1x Go Pro Hero 5 Frame

1x Tripod Mount

1x J-Clip w/screw

1x Flat Mount w/screw

1x Pivot Arm w/screws

1x Flat Sticky

1x Curved Sticky

4x Go Pro Hero 5 Batts

1x Go Pro Hero 5 Batt Charger

2 x USB-C Cable

1x USB Plug

2x Sandisk 32/64GB Micro SD Cards Highest Read and Write speed we have (will purchase more to accommodate)

1x Micro SD Card Adapter

1x Card Reader & USB Cable



Popular 4K action camera with inbuilt waterproofing and digital image-stabilisation.
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