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Professional 7.7" OLED monitor with waveform, zebras, historgram, vectorscope, focus assist, false colour, timecode display and audio level metres and 1:1 pixel mode. Low power and lightweight, the Odyssey includes HDMI input and output as well as SD/HD/3G-SDI in both single and dual link configurations. 

Factory recording settings for the Odyssey7Q are as follows - 

  • Compressed 1080p YCC 10-bit 422 up to 120fps 
  • Compressed 1080p RGB 12-bit 444 up to 60fps 
  • Uncompressed 1080p RGB 10/12-bit 444 up to 60fps 

Additional licences must be requested for the below recording options, failure to do so will result in watermarked images. 

  • Sony FS700 Raw - 2k RAW 12-bit up to 240fps / Compressed 1080p 10-bit YCC up to 60fps (super sampled from 4k RAW) / Compressed 4k YCC 10-bit up to 30fps. 
  • ARRI Raw - 12-bit 16:9 up to 48fps / 4:3 up to 48fps 
  • 2k Raw - 8/10-bit up to 120fps (still awaiting firmware update as of May 2014) 
  • Canon C500 4K Raw - 4k/QHD RAW 10-bit up to 60 fps) 
  • Avid DNxHD Compressed 
  • Multi-Stream - Four camera 1080p YCC up to 30fps

Firmware 2.10.141

  • Advanced playback controls including clip preview (first frame of clip), playback scrubbing, pause, next clip / previous clip and fast forward / rewind
  • Expanded HD format support in Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) - 1080i 59.94 / 1080i 50 / 1080i (23.98p over 59.94i) (3:2 pulldown support with removal) / 720p 59.94 / 720p 50
  • Monitoring LUTS for HD video, supported LOG formats: ARRI Log-C / Canon C-Log / Sony F3 S-Log / Sony F5 - F55 S-Log2 / Sony F5 - F55 S-Log3 / Sony FS700 S-Log2
  • Waveform opacity
  • Timecode triggering: Record triggering via rolling of timecode when recording in Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) (1080 formats over SDI only)
For full details of the latest firmware release 


What's Included

  • 1 x Odyssey 7Q monitor
  • 1 x PSU
  • 1 x D-Tap power cable
  • 2 x Short BNC
  • 4x 256 SSD drives
  • USB3 reader


Spec name Spec description
Firmware 2.10.141
Panel OLED
Size 7.7"
Resolution 1280 X 800 Pixels
Aspect 4:3, 16:9
Inputs HDMI, HD, SD, 3G-SDI
Outputs HDMI, HD, SD, 3G-SDI
Recording Options Compressed 1080p YCC 10-bit 422 up to 120fps
Compressed 1080p RGB 12-bit 444 up to 60fp
Uncompressed 1080p RGB 10/12-bit 444 up to 60fps

Odyssey 7 OLED Monitor / Recorder

All in one OLED monitor, recorder, playback deck and HDMI-SDI converter

Guide price per day £75 excluding VAT
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