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Comparable to over 6000W of quartz fixture output and produces twice as much, or one full stop more light, as the Joker-Bug 800. 

The Beamer kit includes an 8" specular reflector and a set of 4 traditional PAR 64 lenses; medium, wide, super wide and a frosted fresnel. These lenses provide varying light patterns from 5 to 45 degress and a maximum output due to the reflector finish.

Softube available for  hire with the 1600W Joker.

What's Included



Spec name Spec description
Lights HMI
Watts 1600 Watts
Power 16 amp (includes 13a-16a jumper)

K5600 Joker 1600W

1600W HMI Lighting Kit

Guide price per day £120 excluding VAT
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