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ARRI's S60-C SkyPanel is a compact, ultra-bright and high-quality LED soft light that is fully tuneable for your lighting requirements. 
The ARRI SkyPanel is highly versatile; colour temperature can be adjusted between 2,800K and 10,000K with accurate colour rendition over the range, as well as offering plus and minus green correction. Hue, saturation, gel selection, RGBW, source matching and lighting effects can also be programmed in. 

What's Included

1 x ARRI SkyPanel S-60C

1 x Honeycomb 

1 x DOP Choice Snapgrid  

1 x DOP Choice Snapbag w/ 1/2 Diffusion sheet

1 x Power Supply Unit S60 PSU

1 x V-Mount Battery Adapter Plate (V-Lock PAGs available on request)

1 x Mounting Clamp Attachment

1 x 3-pin - 3-pin XLR cable

1 x short 4-pin (m) - 4-pin (f) XLR cable 

1 x long 4-pin (m) - 4-pin (f) XLR cable 

1 x power connector - 16amp cable 

1 x 16-13a jumper 


1 x Combo Stand 

2 x Sandbags 




ARRI S60-C SkyPanel

High-end, ultra-bright, fully tuneable LED softlight.

Guide price per day £150 excluding VAT
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