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The 1x1 Bi-Flex is the first flexible bi-colour LED panel from Aladdin. This is an exceptionally well-built, splash-proof, bi-colour LED light with superior light output and quality. At 30 x 30cm and less than 5mm thick, it is a small, lightweight and powerful lighting tool, with an easily-adjustable colour output from tungsten - daylight, and every point in-between. It is completely dimmable from 100% to 10%. 

The panel can be rigged in numerous ways: perfect as a portable interview-light or a source for narrow spaces. It can be stretched taut across the 1x1 lightweight frame and mounted on a stand or magnetic mount; rolled into a tube; or stuck directly to a surface using velcro, suction cup or gaffer tape. 

The 1x1 Bi-Flex runs from mains power supply or v-lock battery (v-lock battery kit available on request). 


- Bi-colour, dimmable from 5% - 100% 

- CRI over 97 

- Ideal as an ultra-portable, punchy keylight, or for bespoke rigging in tight spaces. 

- Easy to attach via velcro or using a stand bracket. 


What's Included

- Aladdin Bi-Flex 1x1

- Ballast / V-Lock battery plate

- Header Cable 

- Mains PSU 

- IEC 

- Stand Bracket 

- Magnetic Clamp

- Stand 

- Diffusion Sheet

- 4 Part Collapsible Chimera w/Diffusion Sheet 

V-lock battery kit available upon request. 

Aladdin Bi-Flex diffusion ball available separately. 


Aladdin Bi-Flex 1x1

A flexible, extremely lightweight bi-colour LED source.

Guide price per day £60 excluding VAT
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