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This impressive, high-end set of Cooke cine-lenses are an essential for any professional production. Handcrafted in England, cinematographers choose Cooke lenses for their beautiful, warmer image and superb optical and mechanical performance. 

The Cooke s5/i Prime Lenses were designed and developed in close technical collaboration with industry professionals. The lenses feature a consistent T1.4 stop, matching 110mm front diameters and fixed position focus and iris rings, as well as a nifty illuminating focus-ring if shooting in the dark. They are colour-matched and compatible with Cooke S4/i. 

Cooke's /i Technology enables film and digital cameras to automatically record key lens-data for every frame shot and provide it to post-production teams digitally. It streamlines production and post, saves time and cost, and eliminates guesswork while enabling greater creative freedom.

What's Included

18mm Cooke S5i
25mm Cooke S5i
32mm Cooke S5i
40mm Cooke S5i
50mm Cooke S5i
65mm Cooke S5i
75mm Cooke S5i
100mm Cooke S5i


Spec name Spec description
Lens Cine Prime
Mount PL
F/T Stop T1.4
Focal Length 18, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 75, 100mm
Metadata Yes
Weight 18mm - 3.03kg / 6.67lbs
25mm - 2.98kg / 6.56lbs
32mm - 2.78kg / 6.12lbs
40mm - 2.76kg / 6.07lbs
50mm - 3.23kg / 7.11lbs
65mm - 3.08kg / 6.78lbs
75mm - 2.99kg / 6.58lbs
100mm - 2.89kg / 6.36lb
Lens Support Required No
Close Focus 18mm - 14"
25mm - 14"
32mm - 14"
40mm - 16"
50mm - 20"
65mm - 24"
75mm - 27"
100mm - 30"

Cooke S5i Eight-Lens Set

Hand-crafted in England, get the "Cooke Look" with this impressive, super-fast & sharp T1.4 set.

Guide price per day £850 excluding VAT
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