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The Canon 18-80mm is offering some very impressive specs in a small, lightweight package. The EF mount lens weighs just 1.2kg making it the perfect lens for a full day of shooting. This lens provides an amazing range in a great form factor making it a great choice for documentary, entertainment and reality formats. The lens also features standard cine style lens gearings including a geared iris. When used in conjunction with the C300 MkII the 18-80mm can benefit from all the advanced auto focus features integrated in the camera. 

The lens offers three different levels of optical image stabiliser, this covers everything from a gentle undulation all the way up to fast irratic movements. The trade off with all these features is the T-stop of the lens. Sitting at a consistent T4.4 (f4) through out the range, it is not as fast as pricier alternatives. 

The real appeal of this lens is that it is less than half the weight of the nearest cine zooms (Canon 17-120mm Or Fuji 19-90mm) So with a days worth of run and gun shooting on the shoulder, this lens could be a great option. The lens also offers incredible value for money having packed in renknowned L series quality glass into budget friendly cine zoom. 

On a technical note the 18-80mm covers Super35mm and APS-C so it is not compatible with full frame DSLRs. However the optics will still happily resolve up to 4K resolution on a S35 sized sensor. The Canon ZSG-C10 Servo also provides alot of functionality beyond a zoom rocker. It also has a one press auto focus and run stop on board. 

What's Included

1x Canon CN-E 18-80mm T4.4 Lens

1x Canon ZSG-C10 Servo

1x Canon Hood.


Canon 18-80mm T4.4 EF Servo zoom

The Canon CN-E 18-80mm offers the benefits of a cinema zoom in a lightweight casing.

Guide price per day £100 excluding VAT
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