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The Floatcam HD can take a combined weight of 32kg of camera and tripod head. The weight capacity allows a fully-rigged Alexa Package to be comfortably accommodated.

The Floatcam can be used in a number of configurations: dolly / slider, crane and mini-jib. The unique counterweighted slider can be operated at almost any angle, including vertical, and also doubles as a mini-jib.

Available with Ronford Baker moy-fit legs and O'Connor 1030 moy tripod head.

What's Included

Floatcam Dolly Crane HD
2 x Feet
1 x Jib rod
2 x Ears
1 x Right angle plate
1 x Monitor mounting rod
1 x Fulcrum head
1 x Hand crank
1 x Software disk
1 x Instruction manual
8 x Large weights
5 x Medium weights
4 x Small weights
4 x Weight locking screws
4 x Weight locking safety ends
1 x Grease application tool
2 x Pots of grease


Spec name Spec description
Weight 2 x wheeled cases w/ 94kg combined weight.
Slider Length 5ft

Floatcam DollyCrane HD

Versatile counter-balanced jib and slider.

Guide price per day £250 excluding VAT
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