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Since the moment it was launched, the ALEXA has had a profound impact on the industry, redefining the limits of digital motion-picture capture with efficient workflows and incredible image quality. Adoption of the system has been widespread and swift, with the cameras now in use on every possible type of production, from TV shows, documentaries and commercials to feature films.

 The original and groundbreaking ARRI ALEXA digital 35mm film camera offers unparalleled image performance and ultra-fast work flows. With the ability to record in-camera (or externally to a separate recorder), to a variety of edit-friendly codecs, the ALEXA offers high-end creative options for top-end productions. 

Firmware update v9.0 includes:

  • ProRes 4444 16:9 High Speed recording up to 120 fps (w/CFast 2.0 Card or XR Capture Drive)
  • Pre-recording for ProRes (loop recording) 
  • DNxHD 4:2:2 recording up to 120 fps 
  • DNxHD 444 recording up to 60 fps 
  • Phase user button 
  • Improved color management 
  • Increased CC range for white balance 
  • LDS source switch 
  • Support for CFast 2.0 media 
  • Preparation of Open Gate ARRIRAW 
  • Support for upcoming WCU-4 capabilities 
  • User Pixel Masking 
  • Support for 1.4x and 2x Alura LDS Extenders


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What's Included

1 x ARRI ALEXA body (supplied in metal flight case)
1 x ARRI EVF-1 - EVF 
1 x Extension shoulder pad  
1 x BP-12 19mm baseplate
1 x Sliding baseplate
4 x 19mm bars, 2 long, 2 short
4 x 15mm bars, 2 long, 2 short
1 x WA1 adapter for VCT-14 quick release tripod plate
1 x BP-A1 adapter plate
1 x Levelling block 
1 x Short EVF cable
1 x Long EVF cable
5 x 32GB SxS PRO cards
2 x 64GB SxS PRO cards (upon request)
1 x SxS card reader with cabling

8 x PAG PL86e Batteries
1 x PL16 Charger with IEC
1 x PAGlink Powerhub or 12 x 24v Hawk-woods batteries
2 x 24v chargers
2 x 24v adapter plates for ALEXA


Spec name Spec description
Firmware v9.0
Camera Type Digital 35mm camera
Camera Description 35mm format film-style digital camera with electronic viewfinder, a 16:9 active sensor area, integrated shoulder arch and receptacles for 15mm lightweight rods.
Lens Mount PL
Codec Apple ProRes
Media SxS PRO Card
Bit Rate ProRes 4444 - 330 Mb/s
ProRes 422 HQ - 220 Mb/s
Base Frame Rates 23.98p, 24p, 25p, 29.97p
FPS Up to 120 fps
Camera Recording Options ProRes 4444 16:9 High Speed recording up to 120 fps
DNxHD 4:2:2 recording up to 120 fps
DNxHD 444 recording up to 60 fps
Support for CFast 2.0 media
ProRes 2K 16:9 ( 2048 x 1152 ); 0.75-60fps
ProRes HD 16:9 ( 1920 x 1080 ) 0.75-120fps
DNxHD 16:9 ( 1920 x 1080 ) 0.75-120fps
Pre-recording for ProRes (loop recording)


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The original, groundbreaking digital cinema-camera: the ALEXA features the filmic "ARRI look” which has since dominated the industry.

Guide price per day £600 excluding VAT
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