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The Studio Matte Box SMB-1 supports filter sizes up to 6.6" x 6.6". It is designed for use with bigger wide-angle prime lenses and also with zooms.

The SMB-1 Tilt has an exclusive, integrated tilt module and all versions benefit from stackable filter stages, allowing quick reconfiguration.

Uniquely, both 4:3 and 2:1 ratio sunshades are available, optimized respectively for spherical and anamorphic filming.

The SMB-1 covers the full ALEXA sensor area and allows the Master Prime 12mm to be used with a 2-filter-stage, the Ultra Prime 10mm with a 1-filter stage, and the Ultra Wide Zoom UWZ 9.5-18mm with a 1-filter stage.

What's Included

  • SMB-1 2 Stage Mattebox with additional Single Stage 
  • SMB-1 Accessory holder 
  • Top/Bottom Flag Holders x 2
  • 19mm bars mount
  • Tilt Bracket
  • 150mm Rubber tilting ring
  • Anamorphic Mattes x 5
  • Anamorphic full matte for lens protection
  • Spherical Mattes x 5
  • Spherical full matte for lens protection
  • Flexible Tilt shaft
  • Non Tilting Bracket
  • 6x6 to 4x5.56 Stepdown Frame x 3
  • 138mm Reflex Prevention ring
  • 136mm Reflex Prevention ring
  • 134mm Reflex Prevention ring
  • 114mm Reflex Prevention ring
  • Reduction Ring 114mm-100 mm
  • Reduction Ring 114mm-95mm
  • Reduction Ring 114mm-80mm


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Category lenses

Arri SMB-1 3 Stage 6"x6" Studio Mattebox

19mm mounted Studio Mattebox with 3x 6”x6” or PV Trays

Guide price per day £125 excluding VAT
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