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Cmotion's most recent Lens controller provides 3 axis control in a compact and easy to use system.

The simple design allows quick configuration and can be used in both left and right handed setups. The new cforce motors are virtually silent and have been designed to be daisy chained together to avoid excessive cabling.

Settings such as direction, torque, ramping and digital limits are easy to set through the intuitive user interface with data and information clearly displayed on the 2.3” integrated screen.

What's Included

  • Compact hand unit with knob, sensitive joystick and rocker switch control.
  • Compact wireless control box.
  • 3 Cforce gears with built in motors.
  • Arri Alexa start/stop run cable.
  • Red Epic start/stop run cable.


Spec name Spec description
Firmware v1.1.1rc02
Category Lenses

Cmotion Compact LCS Remote Follow Focus

3 Axis Cmotion Compact Lens Control System

Guide price per day £180 excluding VAT
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