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To create the lightest matte box possible, Bright Tangerine stripped down the Misfit to the core. Almost weightless, Misfit Atom gives you more possibilities than ever before. It weighs just 98g without the shade, and 195g with it. That’s less than a quarter the weight of a standard Misfit or LMB25. 

When you’re pushed for weight during Steadicam or gimbal use, you won’t need to tape a filter to the lens anymore. With Misfit Atom you can remove the shade and just use it as a filter holder. The tray less filter holder also allows you to load filters directly into the core, keeping weight to an absolute minimum. You can still tilt filters for total flare control. You can use one or two filters. Either 4x4 or 4x4.65, or even a combination of both.

If you want to be even lighter, you can detach the shade, and just use the filters. The shade detaches in seconds. The clamp is 114mm, and you can connect to virtually any lens with Bright Tangerine's range of Misfit adaptors--cover lenses as wide as a 14mm Cooke S4; use RED Pro Zooms at 5K. 

What's Included

1x Misfit Atom

1x Rubber Sunshade

1x Anti Reflective Frame

1x 95mm Clamp

1x 87mm Clamp

1x 80mm Clamp


Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom

The super lightweight Matte box from Bright Tangerine

Guide price per day £30 excluding VAT
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